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  • Unlimited Friends and Family Referrals

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Say goodbye to the endless parade of price shoppers and hello to high-quality New Customers who are eager to talk to you about your services.

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Unlock the power of consistent
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Not Enough Referrals

Friends and Family Referrals are gold for your business. Let us help you get all you could ever want.

Stop Wasting Money on Lead Generation That Doesn't Work

Replace your ineffective, expensive advertising with Loyalty Health's automated, done-for-you systems and unlock the power of unlimited new customers, unlimited 5-star reviews, and unlimited friends and family referrals.

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  • AUTOMATED Invisible Geofencing to Dominate Your Competition

  • INCLUDES 30,000 Custom Geofencing Displays (Amazing!)

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Performance Testing of your Account

  • DEDICATED Client Success Manager for you and your Business

  • CUSTOM QR Codes that Generate Business Like Magic

  • AUTOMATED Unlimited 5-Star Reviews

  • AUTOMATED Review Responses to all your Customer's Reviews

  • AUTOMATED Unlimited Upsell Surveys/Feedback from your Customers

  • AUTOMATED 50+ Online Directories Synchronized to your GBP

  • AUTOMATED Voice Search Set-up (Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, etc.)

  • AUTOMATED Website Analysis and Customer Experience Monitoring

  • AUTOMATED Analysis of your TOP-3 Competitors in your Area

  • GOOGLE Business Profile GBP/GMB + Maps Support

  • GOOGLE Local Service Ads (LSA) Support

  • GEOFENCING Search Engine Retargeting

  • AUTOMATED Unlimited Friends and Family Referral



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